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Causes of Sweaty Feet

So why our feet start sweating more than our body needs for proper and natural temperature regulation and removal of waste substances? Many experts in the field of dermatology have been trying to answer this question for years. If the feet get sweaty once in a while at high ambient temperatures, it is perfectly fine. However, if your feet are always covered with a layer of sweat, it is a pathological condition and you need to something about that. Otherwise, you run a high risk of fungal infections, not speaking of constantly torn shoes and omnipresent discomfort.

Find out how to finally eliminate sweaty and smelly feet.

The disease is clearly hereditary. Thus, in case a member of your family suffered from excessive sweating of the feet, there is a high probability that this unpleasant disease will affect you, too. Excessive sweating of the feet may occur at a very early age or during hormonal changes in puberty. Also, some women may start drastically sweating in the feet during the menopause. This condition than lasts forever.

However, if this diagnosis applies to you or anyone in your family, you don't have to despair. There is a very effective solution to suppress the manifestations of excessive sweating and to enjoy your life to the fullest without all those limitation that come along with this disease.

Find out how to finally eliminate sweaty and smelly feet.